About the Organization

Mothers and Children Development Organization (MCDO) is a Woman led, founded in July 2017 and has been registered and licensed by the Ethiopian Charities and societies Agency as Ethiopian Resident Charity Organization in accordance with Charities and Societies Proclamation No. 621/2009, certificate number 3875, issued on October 30, 2017, has been re-registered as legal personality with registry Number 3875 on August 7, 2019 as Local Civil Society Organization/CSOs in accordance with the civil society Organization new Proclamation No. 1113/2019. The organization mainly focus on lobby and advocacy for the right of women and children, promotion of peace and stability, awareness-raising campaign, Social and emotional skill development intervention, entrepreneurship and business skill development and enforce the regulatory entities to provide equal opportunities for all citizens.


MCDO facilitates pro disadvantaged groups development to see well empowered women in Ethiopia capable to influence critical life outcomes at the household community level and societal; thereby gender equality and the wellbeing of the children sufficiently improved .


We empower Mothers and Children, particularly the marginalized groups in Ethiopia through influencing government policy directions, promoting peace and stability, emotional and social skill development, facilitating engagement of the families in profitable business activities, and promoting entrepreneurship skill development of the target groups. At every stage of our intervention, we strive to contribute to the child's wellbeing improvement and create a peaceful and conducive environment for them.


- To enhance vulnerable women/girls and children socio-economic, environmental, education, and health;
- To advocate women to become major actors in peace-building processes and justice;
- To protect the rights of the highly vulnerable children and including the disabilities to become the robust and effective;
- To promote better conditions for women/girls in leadership/national election participation.

Core Values

- Put children first in every development agenda,
- Empowering approaches of intervention,
- Inclusiveness,
- Collaboration,
- Social Responsibility,
- Result Oriented,
- Transparency,
- Downward and upward accountability,
- Gender friendly development approaches.

Thematic Interventions

After the registration by the Charities and societies agency, the organization is working in main intervention areas:
1. Integrated Women Empowerment
2. Early Child Care and Development
3. Education (Cognitive, social, and emotional skill development)
4. Environment, Agriculture and Rural Food Security
5. Health
6. Justice and Peace Building

Strategic Objectives

1. Strengthen the capacity of targeted community to enable them earn meaning full income and improve food security of the family.
2. Support for the empowerment of women and children so that Peace and Stability prevailed, their voices heard and social justice and equal opportunities extended to all.
3. Support for balanced personality development of the children through the Promotion of Cognitive , social and emotional skill development programs.
4. Revisit alignment with partners and stakeholder to enable the organization full fill its commitment.
5. Enhance human resource development and capacity building program.
6. Improve Quality Control and Learning system.
7. Enhance Visibility of the organization so that it leverage for Strong Marketing.

Operation Areas
Membership Status
Organizational Structure

    - Oromia Region,

    - Addis Ababa City,

- Benushengul Gumz

- Southern Nations, Nationalities, and People's Region,

    - others in need.

1. Consortium Christian Relief and Development Association (CCRDA)
2. Network of Civil Society Organization of Oromia (NeCSOO)
3. Union of Ethiopian Women and Children Association (UEWCA)
4. Pro-Development Network Ethiopia (PDN-E)
5. Coalition of Ethiopian Civil Society Organizations for Elections (CECOE)
6. GA members of CSOs Council of Ethiopia
7. Population Health and Environment- Ethiopia Consortium (PHE - EC).

- The General Assembly is the highest governing body of the organization.
- The board responsible for the general assembly and oversees the work on behalf of the General Assembly.
- The Executive Director is responsible for Board, overall programs, and administration has undertaken in the organization.

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About the Founder
Aregash Geleta
Founder and Executive Director

Aregash Geleta is the founding and Executive Director of the Mothers and Children Development Organization (NGO), Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. She served at different NGO’s in different capacity. She received her master’s degree in Social work with Financial System as a field of specialization. With her wide academic and professional experience of more than 30 years, she has trained hundreds of young women and men in professional social work practice, social entrepreneurship, and NGO management. As a Social work Academic turned Social entrepreneur, she was prompted to set up a charity in 2002 to work with children, youth and young women and vulnerable families as a good practice mode and an approach, which she has developed.